Modern Police compared to Medieval soldiers

Granting another wish, I delve into my thoughts about riot police compared with what I have studied around some historical martial arts and general history as well.

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Medieval Crossbow Vs Armour GoFundMe

I have set up a crowdfunding project to invest in getting me a powerful crossbow to test against my collection of armour (and fund replacing it once destroyed). This can offer one route to an exciting direction for my channel over the course of 2018 after the noticeable lull in late December and early January.

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Vidme is now dead.

To those of you unaware of what Vidme is (or rather was), it has hosted videos with advertisements and followers to various channels, much like YouTube. However, it additionally had ‘subscriptions’ which meant paying the creators regularly to help their videos, most uniquely it allowed ‘tips’ where generous viewers would pay money as a one-off in relation to a specific video, truly showing that “money talks” when people absolutely directly would get paid for their best videos.

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Medieval Podcast Banter

I was part of a Podcast yesterday, talking about Historical European Martial Arts, hypothetical zombie apocalypses, silly swordfighting stuff on TV and more. I certainly enjoy doing collaboration work with other YouTubers to spread information about HEMA and hope to do more in the future.