Livestream or Deadstream?

I have recently been experimenting with using weekly Q&A livestreams to coax new ‘wishes’ out of my viewers, with varying success. On the one hand, I have been encouraged to get back into archery (much to my benefit), on the other hand I have streamed for hours without a single question or requested video.

I will continue with the weekly Q&A, but it seems I still need to take my own initiative and produce videos guessing what these other humans want.

Back from May Melée

May Melee review 1

Battered, bruised, smarter and tougher than ever, I emerge from this year’s tumultuous tourney with more determination than ever.

Learning crazy reverse edge shielhaus and zwerchaus, understanding the elegance of rapier then getting to literal grips with highland broadsword techniques, my YouTube channel should be better informed than before on a broader range of fighting methods that I will most certainly employ on the sparring ‘battlefield’!


The Genie’s green screen

Green screen

I now have a green screen at last, for all those who were fed up with me always having my living room in the background and to allow me to showcase pictures or videos in large size behind me rather than set in little corner boxes.

As I explained in my update video, I intend to use it for a video about the Royal Armouries in Leeds which will involve reviewing the facilities and exhibitions as well as my general thoughts about the items I had the privilege of examining.