2017-03-26 (6)

Pc Genie attacks for 57 damage. Lemonade Bottle died.

Although they don’t get as much limelight as swords, arguably polearms can be even deadlier! Ancient and Medieval armies loved various pole weapons for good reason.

The first and most obvious advantage to polearms is the reach. It is easy to underestimate how hard it is to “just beat the thing aside and close in” when actually a nimble spearman or crafty halberdier can stave you at range all day while disengaging from any enemy bind attempts. An aggressive opponent charging in would certainly be easy to defeat, but anyone with a sense of self preservation will know that reach is their advantage and capitalise the living daylights out of it.

Polearms come in many forms and for most types of foe there was a particular glaive, gisarme, billhook or pike to deal with them. Different designs would incorporate thrusting, cutting and impact damage as required, as well as special features like crossbars to prevent over-penetration and hooks to control opponents.